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Arrow Lake will only support overclocking on pricey motherboards

by on05 July 2024

Z890 motherboards on the list

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell-on-earth yarn suggesting that overclocking of  Chipzilla's upcoming Arrow Lake desktop processors will only be officially supported on the top-tier Z890 motherboards.

According to Videocardz, specs for the Intel 800 series motherboards have surfaced on X, courtesy of @jaykihn.

The leaked specs indicate that only the Z890 platform will allow voltage and base clock adjustments for overclocking, while other chipsets like the H810, B860, Q870, and W880 will not support this feature. Additionally, there will be no H870 motherboards.

Arrow Lake desktop processors will be compatible with five platforms. Traditionally, the Zx90 series motherboards are the high-end options, with the B models being more budget-friendly. Therefore, restricting overclocking to the premium platform isn't entirely unexpected, though it would be a first for Intel.

The leaker suggests that memory overclocking will be possible on the more affordable B860 motherboards, but CPU voltage adjustments will remain exclusive to the Z890 boards. This implies that enthusiasts aiming to push their systems to the limit must invest in the most expensive Intel motherboards.

The H810 base configuration supports 33 high-speed PCIe lanes, the B860 supports 45, and the Q870 supports 56. The server-focused W880 and the Z890 are expected to support 60 high-speed PCIe lanes as standard.

The Intel Core Ultra 200 CPU family is anticipated to debut by the end of 2024, suggesting Arrow Lake processors might arrive three to four months later. This will mark the first appearance of Intel's 'disaggregated architecture' on desktop, following the Meteor Lake release and preceding the upcoming Lunar Lake for laptops.

Last modified on 08 July 2024
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