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Intel Core i7-3820 comes on February 13

by on06 January 2012

That is the plan

The first and only quad-core Sandy Bridge E processor is scheduled to launch on February 13th. Intel sometimes likes and needs to adjust the launch date, but this one looks to be a solid date
The new CPU will be affordable quad core with 3.6GHz clock and 3.9GHz turbo ability, quad-channel memory support as well as 10MB cache. The suggested retail price is $285 which is much better than the $999 that you have to spend for the six-core i7 3960 clocked at 3.3GHz.

The new Core i7-3820 socket 2011 with its $285 price is also much better than $583 that Intel charges for the current Core i7 socket 2011 runner up, the Core i7 3930 CPU clocked at 3.2GHz, and cache trimmed to 12MB.

The big date is February 13th and we believe the Core i7-3820 looks like a pretty good deal.

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