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Intel readies three new Cedar Trail SKUs

by on06 January 2012

Despite the fact that the first ones never launched

Following several delays, Intel officially introduced its next generation Atom processors, codenamed Cedar Trail, last week.

However, the new parts are nowhere to be seen and we are still waiting for the first next generation netbooks, motherboards and nettops to hit retail. In spite of the delay, Intel is already working on three new Cedar Trail parts that should complement, or perhaps even replace earlier models.

Now, thanks to a slip up on Intel’s part, a datasheet revealed the existence of D2550, N2650 and N2850 variants. Of course, they are nothing spectacular, merely speed bumps, but they are welcome nonetheless.

The D2550 doesn’t appear to be faster than the D2500, it’s clocked at the same 1.86GHz, but we reckon it could have a faster graphics core. The N2650 runs at 1.7GHz, 100MHz more than the N2600 and it has a TDP of 3.6W, just 0.1W more than its sibling. The N2850 is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch. It’s the first mobile Atom to hit 2GHz and it still retains a relatively low TDP of 6.6W. The “old” N2800 runs at 1.86GHz.

It all sounds nice, but we have yet to see any Cedar Trail products in retail, so we are probably in for another lengthy wait.

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