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Tablet fad set to continue

by on11 July 2011

More than 50 million to ship this year
Analysts are expecting the tablet fad to continue for the time being. IDC has revised its tablet shipment forecast to 53.5 million units, 6.2 percent more than previously expected.

The optimistic forecast comes after a slight dip in sales back in Q1, which was caused by iPad 2 supply bottlenecks. The fact that a minor delay in iPad shipments has such a profound effect on the tablet market in general is a clear indication of Apple dominance, which is also set to continue.

According to some estimates, Apple currently holds 56 percent of the tablet market, followed by Samsung with 12 percent. All other vendors are in the single digit range, Asus has about 5 percent, LG, Motorola and RIM have under 3 percent.

Although Android tablets were being touted as an affordable alternative to Appleā€™s iPad, most vendors appear to have lost the plot somewhere along the way. High end Android tablets are anything but bargains, while cheap sub-$200 designs are a waste of time and money.
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