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EA to have Wii U games at launch

by on30 June 2011

Confirms commitment to new console
Electronic Arts isn’t going into too much detail, but the company has confirmed by way of Frank Gibeau that it will have “day one” title support for the Wii U. Of course, investing in the development of titles for any new console is a risk, and one that EA knows well.

The company is apparently excited about the Wii U and admits that some of the company’s biggest franchises such as FIFA, Battlefield, and Madden will end up getting Wii U versions. EA isn’t ready to announce what titles will be available at launch, but titles are in development for the Wii U.

Nintendo has been reaching out to a number of third-party developers in an effort to get them to commit to the development of titles for the platform. It is expected that publishers will start announcing their Wii U launch titles later this fall. There is no word yet on how many titles are expected on day one; but Nintendo would like the launch to be much stronger, so they will want the title count on day one to be as high as possible.
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