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Battlefield 3 pre orders are solid

by on05 May 2011

Far ahead of BFBC2 pre-order pace
Electronic Arts is pretty excited about the upcoming release of Battlefield 3 this holiday season and they claim that the title is “flat out superior” to CoD, which will continue to stimulate pre-orders. Speaking of pre-orders for Battlefield 3, the company says that the pre-order pace for Battlefield 3 is far ahead of Battlefield Bad Company 2, which the company believes is a great initial indication to the excitement surrounding the upcoming release this holiday season.

To put the pre-order numbers in perspective, EA claims that Battlefield 3 pre-orders are up an astounding 700 percent over Battlefield Bad Company 2, which actually also did very well in the pre-order department. Speaking of Battlefield Bad Company 2, EA has confirmed that the title has now sold over 7 million units and is still showing significant sales numbers.

The company confirms that Battlefield 3 is still on track for release in the third quarter of this year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms. EA and developer DICE have still not confirmed an exact or even a target release day yet, but instead continue to say that it will ship in the third quarter of 2011. Sources tell us to expect the company to announce the official release date at E3.

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