Battlefield 5 gets official system requirements
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Requirements for Ray Tracing as well

EA/DICE has revealed official minimum and recommended PC system requirements for the Battlefield 5 game which is scheduled to launch on November 20th, including recommended requirements for enabling DirectX Raytracing.

EA/DICE releases new trailer for Battlefield V
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Battle royale Firestorm mode, single player and more

Celebrating the start of its open beta phase, Electronic Arts has released a new trailer which details some of the future elements which will be available in the full game, including the battle royale mode, singleplayer and more.

Battlefield 5 release delayed
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Open Beta still on track for September 6th

EA/DICE said that the release date for Battlefield 5 is pushed back to November 20th, which will allow the developer to make final adjustments to the core gameplay.

Battlefield 5 gets the new Gamescom 2018 gameplay trailer
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The Devastation of Rotterdam in-game footage

Electronic Arts has released the newest Battlefield 5 gameplay trailer ahead of Gamescom 2018 which kicks off next week in Cologne, Germany.

Battlefield 5 detailed at EA Play 2018 stage
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New gameplay trailers, Battle Royale mode in future

As expected, EA/DICE has revealed a lot of details regarding Battlefield 5 at the EA Play 2018 stage at E3 2018 show, including new gameplay trailers, multiplayer and singleplayer modes, as well as the future Battle Royale mode.

EA/DICE removes Battlefield 5 minimum PC requirements
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Were published as placeholders

EA/DICE has pulled down the earlier released minimum PC requirements for Battlefield 5 which were posted on Origin, saying those were published only as placeholders.

Battlefield 5 unveil scheduled for May 23rd
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Confirmed on Battlefield Twitter

Although there were quite a few teasers earlier, it has now been confirmed that the official Battlefield 5 reveal is set for May 23rd.

Dice Foundation rolls up with a new Bitcoin tech
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Because we all need another one

The DICE Foundation, the London, United Kingdom-based non-profit global digital currency company, is seeking funding to develop a new form of digital currency which does not use blockchain.

EA/DICE reveals Battlefield 1 system requirements
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Couple of changes coming as a result of beta

EA/DICE has now, finally, revealed minimum and recommended system requirements for Battlefield 1 as well as revealed a list of changes that will be coming to the game as a result of that same beta phase.

Battlefield 1 Open Beta kicks off on August 31st
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Gets an official Gamescom gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts has finally unveiled the starting date for Battlefield 1 Open Beta phase, which will kick off on August 31st.