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EA/DICE releases new trailer for Battlefield V

by on05 September 2018

Battle royale Firestorm mode, single player and more

Celebrating the start of its open beta phase, Electronic Arts has released a new trailer which details some of the future elements which will be available in the full game, including the battle royale mode, singleplayer and more.

Called "This is Battlefield V", the trailer starts off showing new environments, game modes, as well as details regarding how you can actually play the game, including an ability to destroy buildings, which will bring a new way to use the battlefield.

When it comes to actual gameplay, the developer is promising much better gun mechanics, more natural player movement, including firing while walking backward, sprinting while crouching and more.

According to the provided details, Battlefield V will have a total of four singleplayer War Stories at launch, with the fifth one, called The Last Tiger, will be brought as an update at a later date.

The biggest story is the Firestorm battle royale mode. It will support 64-players, organized in 16 teams of four players, fighting it out to be the last squad standing. EA/DICE did not reveal a lot of details but did say that Firestorm arena will include destructible buildings, a bunch of weapons and vehicles.

You can check out the video below and we are sure we will hear more before the game is officially released on November 20th.


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