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Worldwide PC shipments up 7 percent

by on28 April 2011

Tablets continue to fuel growth


Canalys is reporting that worldwide PC sales grew by seven percent in Q1 2011, led by Apple’s iPad. However, whether the iPad and other tablets can be considered PCs is currently a subject of no small scholarly debate.

In any case, tablet shipments in Q1 reached 6.4 million units and Apple commanded a 74 percent share. Other vendors are slugging it out over crumbs, but Android tablet sales are expected to pick up in 2011.

As far as overall results go, including laptops, desktops, netbooks and tablets, HP is still the market leader, with 14.6 million shipped units and a 16.6 percent share. Acer came in second, with a 12.8 percent share and 11.3 million units. In terms of year-on-year sales, the outfits saw a drop of 5.8 percent and 6.5 percent respectively. Dell ranked third with an 11.3 percent share, with sales of 10 million units and 2.8 percent growth.

Apple came in fourth place, with a 9.5 percent share and 8.5 million units. The company’s shipments jumped a whopping 187.9 percent year-on-year, mainly thanks to strong iPad sales. Lenovo is trailing behind Apple with a 9.2 percent share.

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