Acer releases firmware update
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Security vulnerability turns off UEFI Secure Boot

Acer has released a firmware update to address a security vulnerability that could be weaponised to turn off UEFI Secure Boot.

Acer releases recyclable Vero Chromebook
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Circular economy 

Acer has released an eco-friendly recyclable Vero Chromebook range.

Acer Swift X laptops with Intel Arc A370M GPU spotted for pre-order
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Two models up for grabs

Two Acer Swift X laptops with Intel's upcoming Arc A370M graphics card were spotted up for pre-order in Europe.

Acer releases anti-bacteria finding PCs
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Will stop the growth and spread of micro-organisms

During its next@Acer event, the company announced three new PCs -- a laptop, a two-in-one, and a tablet -- that will be joining its antimicrobial lineup.

Acer hit by REvil ransomware attack
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Actors want $50million 

Acer has been hit by a REvil ransomware attack and the cybercriminals are demanding a stonking $50million.

Gateway comes back from the dead
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Moo like it is 1999

 Acer and Walmart announced they were reviving the Gateway brand to sell affordable Windows 10 notebooks and laptop convertibles from $179 and up.

Intel's humilation shown in latest Acer
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Probably why you cant find an Ryzen laptop anywhere

Acer has updated its 15.6-inch TravelMate P series this year to the P215 to succeed the older P2510 and while Acer has risen to the challenge and come up with a design that is 14 percent smaller and 14 percent lighter while retaining all the ports of the older generation it is nobbled by its lacklustre Intel chip.

Acer posts record revenues
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Corona Virus was good for some

Acer seems to have done well out of the corona virus and announced its consolidated revenues for June at $2.22 billion up 27.2 percent month on month (MoM) and by 4.9 percent on last year.

AMD laptops with Ryzen 4000 mobile chips start to appear
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Acer has a nice Swift 3 laptop but Intel wins the numbers battle

It appears that Acer is working on a rather neat new 14-inch Swift 3 laptop which could come with an 8-core Ryzen 4000 series CPU that could pack quite a punch, but Intel has a lot to offer in that price range and there are 30 Intel 10th gen laptops on every AMD Ryzen 4000-based one.

Acer issues $13999 gaming chair
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Game of Thronos

Acer has released its first-generation Thronos Air, a fully combined PC desk/seat with mounted monitors and combined Predator PC into the US with a $13999 price tag.