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3DS falls short of 4 million goal

by on26 April 2011

Ships 3.61 million units since launch
Nintendo seems to be in the news a lot these days. We have learned from a reliable source who claims that Nintendo has yet to reach its goal of selling 4 million units of the new 3DS. Worldwide, it has been able to sell 3.61 million units, which actually is still a “smooth start,” according to Nintendo.

While they didn’t make the 4 million target, it has shipped 9.43 million cartridges for the 3DS, which actually isn’t that bad. It shows that the console has doing well at getting users to buy games at the time of console purchase (which actually isn’t that much of a surprise) given the fact that most users will want to try out the 3D support offed by the unit, and you need to buy games to do this.

Nintendo was able to move over 303,000 units in the European launch of the 3DS and 113,000 alone in the U.K. in the first two sales seasons. Nintendo was hoping to move more, but given the economy and the fact that many waiting to check out the new NGP from Sony before buying a gaming handheld these numbers are pretty good. We do think that a number of buyers are waiting to see the next handheld from Sony before choosing it on the 3DS.

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