TFT LCD panel sales plummeting
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Things are going to get worse. 

Shipments of l9-inch and above TFT LCD panels appear to be in free fall, according to beancounters at Digitimes Research.

PC shipments fell throughout 2018
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Trump's trade war and Intel's CPU shortages blamed

Beancounters at Gartner and IDC have both reported falls in PC sales during 2018. They both blame Intel's processor shortages and the trade war with China as the reason shipments declined during the last quarter and across the whole of 2018.

Huawei sold 200 million phones
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Went from 103M in three years

Huawei managed to sell 200 million smartphones in 2018 - a massive increase from 103 million in 2015 or just three million in 2010. As of the first half of this year, Huawei is the world’s second biggest smartphone manufacturer overtaking Apple and leaving Samsung in the prime position.

Smartphones are in decline
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The market is no longer flat

New statistics suggest that smartphone use is not just flat, but is in total decline.

Global semiconductor industry growing
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Worth $129.8 billion

Beancounters at IHS Markit have added up some numbers and divided them by their shoe size and worked out that the global semiconductor industry revenue grew 7.4 percent sequentially in the third quarter of 2018, reaching a record $129.8 billion.

Apple shares tank on iPhone sales warnings
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Who would have thought an overpriced phone would be such a loser?

Fruity cargo cult Apple's share price has fallen after its suppliers warned that their bottom lines would be taking a caning due to poor sales of the iPhone.

Smartphone sales slump
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Bubble burst

The smartphone bubble has finally burst, according to a new Internet Trends report.

Darren Grasby gets to run AMD CPU and GPU sales
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Reporting directly to Jim Anderson

Up until January, Darren Grasby an ATI sales veteran, was working as President EMEA and Global Channel Sales at AMD. A month later he was promoted to run Corporate VR Global Computing and Graphics Sales and president for AMD in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

AMD lost a key salesman to Lenovo
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Matthew Zielinski, President and SVP

This happened over a month ago but I noticed recently that the former Corporate VP and President of Global sales MNC at AMD departed to do the same for job for Lenovo. This might be the biggest sales loss since John Byrne went to become the President of Sales at Dell.

Desktop sales continue to slide
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Now  below 100 million a year

Beancounters at IDC have added up some numbers and divided them by their shoe size and reached the conclusion that desktop PC sales in 2017 fell below 100 million for the first time.