PC sales dropped like a rock says Chinese chip maker
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Blames Russia-Ukraine war and COVID response

Top Chinese chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. says demand for mobile phones, personal computers and home appliances has dropped "like a rock" and shows no signs of recovering.

PC sales slide
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11 April 2022

PC sales slide

But the PC is not dying this time

Beancounters at analysts IDC have added up some numbers and divided by their shoe size and reached the conclusion that shipments of PCs have finally slowed down after two years of double-digit growth.

Global video games sales jumped 63 percent in March
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Coronavirus keeps people gaming

The coronavirus outbreak hit the entertainment industry hard, causing enormous losses for the companies operating in this branch. However, as millions of people started spending more time indoors and online, the last few months have witnessed a surge in video gaming.

Smartphone sales drop down the loo
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Bad for the big names

Global smartphone production is expected to slump a record 16.5 percent to 287 million phones in the June quarter from a year earlier as the coronavirus pandemic kills demand, according to beancounters at Trendforce.

PC sales back in misery
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Kung flued

Just as it was making a comeback, the coronavirus crisis is cutting PC sales short.

Smartphone sales plumet to their worst levels in a decade
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Mobile revolution stalled

Beancounters at CCS have added up some numbers and reached the conclusion that sales of mobile phones will slump to their lowest level for a decade due to the impact of coronavirus.

Samsung Electronics warns coronavirus  will damage consumer sales
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But there will be a boom in memory chips

Samsung warned the coronavirus pandemic would hurt sales of smartphones and consumer electronics this year, while demand from data centres would fuel a recovery in memory chip markets.

More PCs sold last year
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First annual gain since 2011

While the Tame Apple Press has been patting Apple on the head for killing off the PC and replacing it with the iPhone, it is starting to look like the death of the PC has been greatly exaggerated.

Fitbit mulls sale
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23 September 2019

Fitbit mulls sale

Chatting to investment banks

Wearable device maker Fitbit has been in discussions with an investment bank about the possibility of exploring a deal.

Hey, Siri, why are Apple sales falling?
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Credit Suisse says iPhone sales will drop 12 percent

Beancounters at Credit Suisse have predicted an even darker year for the fruity cargo-cult Apple with iPhone sales expected to decline 12.4 percent this year after last year's 3.2 percent drop.