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EA planning to offer subscription service

by on25 April 2011

Will be for some EA Sports games first, as suspected
A few months ago we told you that Electronic Arts was investigating and surveying customers regarding their reactions and feelings about a subscription service. According to our sources, the decision has been made; and Electronic Arts is moving forward with what they are calling the “EA Sports Subscription Service” for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The service will offer a number of features that include the delivery of paid content and the ability to download full versions of upcoming games to play before their release date, which is likely to be the big draw here. Subscribers will all be eligible for discounts on all downloadable content for EA Sports titles on their consoles.

This is part of the plan that EA was talking about that allows your profile and history for EA Sports games to stored in the cloud and attached to you; so that when you play the next game in the series, for example, the time and effort (as well as what you achieved playing the game) will apply toward the new game which could gain you extras so that you would not have to start from scratch in a new game.

While no price has been announced, you will be able to purchase the subscription program both online and at retail. We suspect that the price will be the biggest factor in how popular this option will be, but die hard fans that want access to the new games prior to their release will pay up, whatever it takes to get on board with the program.
No date has been announced for the launch of the program. We suspect that it will launch in June or early July prior to the release of NCAA Football 2012 on July 12th, which will kick off the yearly EA Sports releases for this year.

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