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Bulldozer yields are good

by on12 April 2011

Launch in July time
Bulldozer is a Q3 product, and the current plan is a July launch and the yields are good.

The next CPU for AMD to launch is Llano and, as we said before, this product is going to launch at Computex, May 31st to June 4th. This is the last event in Q2 and AMD wants to use the noise and announce a few Llano design wins.

Roughly a month after Llano, AMD plans to launch a desktop version of the Bulldozer core, while the server version should come in late Q3 2011. Bulldozer is going to be the fastest CPU that AMD built to date, but we still don’t know how does it performs against Intel's fastest Sandy Bridge-based Core i7 parts.

The real threat for Bulldozer is Ivy Bridge, a new 22nm core that is scheduled to appear in early Q1 2012. Bulldozer is only 32nm while Ivy Bridge will get 22nm and this means more transistors per square milometer, higher performance per transistor, as well as lower TDP. It could also resut with higher clock than the current cores.

Bulldozer definitely has a tough task ahead of it and it will take AMD until the latter part of 2012 or even 2013 to have 22nm core to succeed Bulldozer and Llano.

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