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Anonymous cranks up Operation Payback

by on09 March 2011

Targets pro-copyright groups
Hacker group Anonymous has relaunched Operation Payback and it is attacking on pro-copyright trade groups again. The first victim appears to be the website for Broadcast Music International (BMI). More attacks are expected.

Last year Payback has taken down the RIAA, BPI, MPAA, AFACT, BREIN, Aiplex and Websheriff. It also got into the UK "P2P settlement letter factory" ACS: Law gave up several hundred megabytes of private e-mails. Payback managed to get the firm to collapse.

Payback has been defending WikiLeaks, hitting companies like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal made it more difficult to donate to WikiLeaks, and they redirected Operation Payback towards payment processors. The operation died after coppers in multiple countries swooped. In the UK there were five arrests and the Dutch picked up at least one man.

Now it seems that there has been a move to revive Operation Payback in its original “anti-copyright group” form.

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