Hacker broke into 2K customer support
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One way to get someone to pick up

Publisher 2K has warned users that its support page was hacked and warned users not to open emails claiming to come from them.

Hacker exposes revenge posters
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Sh*t hits the fan

A hacker has exposed the users of revenge website Sh*tExpress and leaked the company's secure data, including customer email addresses and the messages they sent through the platform.

Hacker confesses to shutting down North Korea’s internet
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Disappointed that the US did not seem interested in protecting its security experts

Hacked off that the US authorities were not doing enough to stop North Korean hackers attacking security experts, a solitary hacker switched off North Korea’s internet to show them who was boss.

Hackers have a new sextortion method
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Claim to have recorded you watching porn

Hackers have launched a new ‘sextortion’ scam in which they terrify victims by claiming to have recorded them watching porn.

Cross-Site Scripting was a huge chunk of  2019 cyber attacks
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Hit nearly 75 per cent of large companies

Cyber attacks have targeted nearly 75 percent of large companies across Europe and North America over the last 12 months.

Unconventional form of ransomware seen in the wild
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For wealthy cybercriminals who want a special service

Researchers at Intezer and IBM X-Force have detected an unconventional form of ransomware that's being deployed in targeted attacks against enterprise servers.

Republican senators fight to keep hackers in the US elections
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Putin is helping us to win why should we stop him?

The Republican-controlled Senate has defeated a push by Democrats to set aside an additional $250 million for states to upgrade their voting systems to protect against hacking and other cyberattacks.

There's no Love for the US
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High Court will not extradite hacker

The UK's High Court will not send Lauri Love to face trial in the US for hacking government computer systems. Instead it has issued a final refusal to overturn Love's successful appeal of his extradition which kills the US attempt to sentence the hacker for a hundred years in one of its private prisons down the loo.

North Korea widens its hacking net
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Feel the wrath of the Apple fanboy

A North Korean cyber espionage group which has customarily only been interested in South Korea’s government and private sector deepened its sophistication and hit further afield including in Japan and the Middle East in 2017, security researchers said.

Hackers nicked $6 million from a Russian bank
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It appears they got away with it

Unknown hackers stole $6 million from a Russian bank last year in an attack using the SWIFT international payments messaging system, the Russian central bank said.