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Geforce 500 mobile marginally faster than 400M

by on28 December 2010

DirectX 11 support
When it comes to updating mobile series, Nvidia usually doesn't blow us away with a huge increase in performance. The Geforce GT 400M series are doing ok, they are sufficient for many games today but they are limited to DirectX 10.1.

Soon to launch Geforce GT 500M series will get a much needed and delayed DirectX 11 support, but they won’t get much faster than Geforce GT / GTS 400 series.

The reason is quite simple, both Nvidia and ATI are stuck with the 40nm process that doesn’t let you much space for improvement under given TDP envelopes. Nvidia did came up with Optimus, something that apparently got them more than 200 design wins in the Sandy Bridge market but the performance won’t be that exciting.

The green company has already launched a mobile version of Geforce GT 540 in China and it has revealed that it has 672MHz core, 1344MHz shaders and up to 900MHz memory clock. The card uses both GDDR3 and GDDR5 memory both in 128-bit and comes with up to 1.5GB memory.

It only has 96 CUDA processors which is the same number we’ve seen with GT 435M and we expect GT 540 to score very similar to GT 435 but the new series has DirectX 11 support.

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