4G and 5G notebook sales grow like crazy
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Coronavirus spin off

Global sales of cellular-enabled mobile PCs reached more than 10 million units for the first time in 2020 as home workers sought improved connectivity in response to the closure of office facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple didn't ditch Intel for Skylake
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It always planned a discrete CPU

This article might serve as a short history class about how Apple operates, especially in hardware design. Apple created its first phone SoC the famous A4 in 2010, and it created its first iPad specific A6X chip in 2012.

The Apple 2021 notebook chip is A14X iPad based
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Bloomberg has rekindled news that Apple has been working on its own chip, and many covered the news claiming that 2021 iPads will get an iPhone chip. Well, they won't as it would not be that powerful to put a 2W TDP chip in a notebook, and instead, the modified version of A14X iPad chip will find its place to the Macbooks of the future. We got a few details confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy Book S impresses
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Review: Great battery life ACPC

Microsoft was the first to ship Qualcomm's 8CX SoC the chip that they internally called Microsoft SQ1 inside the Surface Pro X. The machine did an impressive job with a nice screen, unique detachable design, and decent, but not great battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Book S came in a notebook form factor and significantly better battery endurance.   

Tiger Lake may start at 3GHz
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New X3 graphics beats Ryzen 7 4800U

Intel launched its 10th generation Core architecture on May 27, 2019, at Computex last year, and it is most likely aiming to launch a Tiger Lake successor in a similar time frame. Ice Lake U will get replaced by Tiger Lake U, and the first leaks suggest a base clock of 3GHz.

Surface Pro X review
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21 December 2019

Surface Pro X review

Qualcomm (Microsoft) SQ1 ARM SoC inside

The day has finally arrived. A high-end design based on Qualcomm’s promising 8CX processor is finally shipping. Two weeks ago, it started shipping in the US, and just a few days ago the first systems shipped to customers in Europe.

Intel beats AMD in notebook graphics
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Computex 19: Hell froze over

Intel is serious about getting back on track and competing in every single sector of the market and managed to beat the best of AMD notebook offering in graphics. The Gen 11 graphics inside  Ice Lake-U 10nm notebooks that are scheduled to ship in holiday season 2019 beat the AMD Picasso 12nm Ryzen 7 3700U in 25W in graphics.

ARM notebook future leans on 5G
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Always connected at 7nm and 5nm

ARM has already shared with the press and analyst that the company expects to ship Cortex A76 based products in both 10 and 7nm in late 2018/early 2019, but now it has disclosed a few more details about its 7nm Deimos and 7/5nm Hercules parts.

Global notebook sales increase
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At least a bit

Beancounters at Digitimes Research have added up some numbers and divided them by their shoe size and decided that notebook sales have slightly increased.

AMD has great quarter but margins low
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No notebooks and slim EPYC

AMD got mostly positive comments on its financial performance in Q2 18, and it did a great job having the highest quarter in five years. The logic behind this data is that AMD had more than five years of very weak product portfolio to sell especially in desktop/data center and since early 2017 they finally have Ryzen on desktop and EPYC on the data center side.