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Kinect/controller titles coming

by on08 November 2010

Not the end of controller-only titles
Despite the worry that a lot of Xbox 360 owners seem to have that Kinect is the end of controller titles as we know them, Microsoft has been quick to point out that this isn’t the case. In fact, some titles will always be more playable with a controller than they ever would with Kinect.

The fact that Kinect isn’t the end of the controller also doesn’t mean that developers will not try to innovate. A number of titles are already in development that use both the Kinect and the controller. These Kinect/Controller titles are starting be referred to as hybrid titles.

These hybrid titles that feature both the use of Kinect and the controller might prove to be an interesting direction for developers to explore. According to sources that we have spoken with, these new hybrids are exploring the way that Kinect is used within a title and that could be good for the evolution of the product. It could be that the use of Kinect in addition to the controller might offer some new advantages over a traditional controller-only design.

For right now, we need to wait till these titles arrive. According to our sources, while they are in development they are not close to release yet. The best news is that they are coming, and the days of controller-only titles on the Xbox 360 are not over.
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