Amazon appeals Microsoft's Jedi contract
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Declares war on the Pentagon

Amazon is going into battle with the Pentagon over the Jedi Cloud military tech contract awarded to Microsoft.

Microsoft to obey Californian privacy law across the US
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"Fiercest and most sweeping data privacy regulations" in the US

Microsoft said that it will honour the "core rights" provided to Californians through the state's landmark data privacy law and expand that coverage across the entire United States.

US claims it has enough antitrust laws to bring down big tech
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Just does not use them

The US Justice Department antitrust chief said that existent US antitrust laws were “flexible enough” to address the harm caused by technology companies, in the face of growing criticism that such laws cannot tackle tech monopolies.

Python eats Java
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11 November 2019

Python eats Java

Most popular on Github

Python has climbed over once-dominant Java to become the second most popular language on Microsoft-owned open source code sharing site GitHub.

Microsoft antitrust case killed Windows phone
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Gates claims he was distracted

Software King of the World Sir William Gates III has suggested that Windows could have been the world’s dominant mobile operating system had it not been for the antitrust case the US Justice Department brought against Microsoft.

New Edge logo tips up in nightly builds
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Still looks like Chrome to us

Software King of the World Microsoft appears to be playing with the logos for its new Edge browser.

Microsoft discovers it is better if voles work less
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Productivity went up with a four day week

While most companies believe that working staff for long hours is a good way to make targets, Microsoft has announced the results on its four day working week and found traditional firms are fooling themselves.

BlueKeep vulnerablity attacks taking place
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Targets Windows XP

One of the worst wormable Windows vulnerabilities have been seen in the wild and it is targeting unpatched Windows XP machines.

Amazon to challenge loss of Jedi deal
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Court battle coming

Amazon is set to contest a decision by the US defence department to award the $10 billion Jedi defence contract to Microsoft.

Azure Sphere microcontroller out in February
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Branding out now

Microsoft officials said the company's Azure Sphere microcontroller (MCU) and associated cloud security service will be generally available in February 2020.