Intel jumps from DirectX 9 to 12
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On Xe, Arc GPUs

Intel has moved from native DX9 hardware support on its Intel's Xe integrated graphics solutions on 12th Gen CPUs and A-Series Arc Alchemist discrete GPUs to DirectX 12.

Microsoft wades into Sony in anti-trust claim
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Handbags at dawn

Software King of the World Microsoft has gone onto the attack over Sony’s objections to its buy out of Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft admits some chips will lose data under Windows 11
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Hardware compatibility list might have been more important than we thought

Microsoft has warned that Windows devices with the newest supported processors might be susceptible to data damage, and the fix might have turned made some machines really slow.

Did Microsoft just say that Activision Blizzard was unoriginal?
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Nothing to see here move on please 

Software King of the World Microsoft has just told anti-trust regulators that its $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not important because the outfit does not release "unique" or "must have" games.

Windows 11 should be better at ransomware attacks
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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint cybersecurity platform

Windows 11 is about to get improvements to the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint cybersecurity platform so it is better at protecting users from ransomware and other “advanced attacks”

Sabrent announces Rocket 4 Plus G SSD lineup
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PCIe 4.0 and support for Microsoft's DirectStorage API

Sabrent has officially announced its latest Rocket 4 Plus G SSD lineup, a new lineup with optimized O2 GO firmware and support for Microsoft's DirectStorage 4 API.

Microsoft wants to power its clouds with Hydrogen
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Lighter than air

Software king of the world Microsoft has produced a hydrogen-based zero-carbon emissions replacement for the diesel-powered generators used for backups in data centres.

Austrian outfit hacked European and Central American companies
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Microsoft furious

Austria-based company named DSIRF used multiple Windows and Adobe Reader zero-days to hack organisations located in Europe and Central America.

Alexi allows you to speak to the dead
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Is there any body there? 

Amazon's digital assistant has come up with a tool which will be a big hit amongst necromancers. 

Microsoft incorporates Dischord chat for Xbox
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Saves $10 billion trying to buy the platform

After failing to acquire the popular chat platform Discord for $10 billion, Microsoft has opted to try integrating Discord's voice-chat capabilities into Xbox consoles.