Microsoft takes down most of TrickBot
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But it ain’t dead yet

TrickBot survived an initial takedown attempt, but software king of the world Microsoft and its chums are countering TrickBot operators after every move, taking down any new infrastructure the group is attempting to bring online.

Verizon teams up with Microsoft
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Living on the 5G edge

Verizon is joining forces with software king of the world Microsoft to create new ways for enterprises to accelerate the delivery of fast and secure 5G applications, benefiting from reliable and low-latency connections.

Microsoft does deal with Game Stop
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Will share digital revenues

New details have emerged about a partnership between Microsoft and GameStop that will see the retailer receive a share of all digital revenues generated by a console sold in their stores.

Gates admits he was a bit naïve about antitrust things
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More regulation is coming he warns

Former Microsoft boss and now a sworn enemy of the mosquito, Bill Gates said he was naive about government scrutiny while  running Microsoft and warned the chance of Big Tech antitrust regulation is “pretty high”.

PS5 tear down proves some parts are faster than the Xbox
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Supports Wi-Fi 6

Sony's recently released PS5 teardown video  confirms that the speed of the console's Wi-Fi antenna and USB ports are faster than those available in the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft rebrands Bing
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It is Microsoft Bing now

Microsoft is rebranding its Bing search engine to "Microsoft Bing" which seems to us to be a bit of a wasted marketing budget.

Microsoft shows off Surface Laptop Go
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Cheapest one yet

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop Go with a 12.4-inch touchscreen for $549, its cheapest and lightest (2.45lbs) laptop.

Microsoft working on ARM based 64-bit apps
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Making sure that it can do 64 bit

Microsoft is officially revealing it’s working on x64 app emulation support for Windows on ARM.

Windows XP source code leaked online
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Probably a good time for an upgrade

Software king of the world Microsoft has just seen the source code for its most successful software leaked online.

Expanding Xbox Series X/S storage will be costly
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$220 for 1TB

It appears that expanding Xbox Series X/S will cost quite a penny and according to early listings, you'll have to pay $220 for 1TB of storage.