Microsoft wants to buy TikTok's US operations
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Post haste

Microsoft wants to boy  the short-video app TikTok, a potential blockbuster deal that could re-shape the social media industry and further inflame crumbling US-China relations.

Health crisis causes boom for technology companies
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Top 25 companies making a killing

The COVID-19 pandemic is providing new business opportunities for the tech sector, as evidenced by the performance of the world’s top 25 technology companies, according to a GlobalData report.

Microsoft is not transparent about transparency
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You can probably see through the reasons

Software King of the World Microsoft is refusing to release a transparency report into the way it handles women employees.

Microsoft’s Azure slows
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Shares down two percent

Microsoft flagship cloud computing business Azure reported quarterly sales growth of under 50 percent for the first time ever on Wednesday, sending Vole’s shares down two percent.

Microsoft wants to kill us
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Slack says Vole is back to its old evil ways

Slack has filed a formal complaint alleging that tech titan Microsoft is unlawfully abusing its power to squeeze newer rivals out of the market.

Microsoft’s value has grown by a third
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Remote computing enthuses Wall Street

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street have pushed up the value of Microsoft shares by a third, thinking that the pandemic-induced shift to more remote computing will boost its business.

Microsoft complains about Apple’s antitrust antics
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App store concerns

Microsoft President Brad Smith has been having a quiet chat with  US lawmakers about Apple anti-competitive behaviour around its app store.

Microsoft takes Minecraft off Amazon’s cloud
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Stop supporting its rival

Microsoft will stop relying on Amazon to help it run the popular Minecraft video game.

Microsoft mulls fewer updates
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Windows 10x is changing Volish thinking

Software King of the world, Microsoft is considering only breaking your computer and deleting your files once a year with a feature update.

Working from home means longer work hours
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But on the plus side it means the death of the long meeting

The director of Microsoft's Workplace Analytics team, a director on Microsoft's workplace intelligence team, and the editor of Microsoft Workplace Insights have noted that working from home means working longer hours.