Microsoft suffers LinkedIn mental breakdown in China
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Regulators got us in the pooh 

PutativeSoftware King of the World,  Microsoft, has decided to shut down LinkedIn in the country as the regulators are getting on its tits.

Cisco wants to copy Microsoft
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Adapt to cloud era

Networking giant Cisco says it has turned a corner in its attempt to adapt to the cloud era.

Microsoft says sorry for kicking AMD off Xbox
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We should never have done it

Microsoft has said sorry to AMD for the silly decision to kick its chip off the original Xbox 20 years ago and go with Intel.

Microsoft’s Azure mitigates mega DDoS attack
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Largest in the world

Microsoft said its Azure cloud service mitigated a 2.4 terabytes per second (Tbps) distributed denial of service attack this year, at the end of August, representing the largest DDoS attack recorded to date.

Microsoft investigated by EU
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Teams integration with Office might be naughty

EU antitrust regulators are following up on a complaint by Slack Technologies by asking Microsoft's rivals if its Teams app integrated with its Office product gives it greater clout.

Microsoft gear will be easier to repair
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Will not copy Jobs' Mob to save the planet

While Apple hopes to score more cash from fanboys by making their devices harder to repair, Microsoft has decided to go the other way in a move to save the planet.

AMD Ryzen CPUs take performance hit in Windows 11 OS
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L3 cache latency to blame

While a bunch of AMD CPUs are officially compatible with Windows 11 OS, this does not mean all is well with the new OS, as AMD and Microsoft have made a discovery that shows an indecent impact on application performance due to higher L3 cache latency.

Big Tech’s fake climate shame
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Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney back groups opposed to climate change

While their customers believe that they are as green as Greta Thunberg, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney, are backing business groups that are fighting climate legislation.

Microsoft opens app store
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29 September 2021

Microsoft opens app store

While Google and Apple try to lock them down

While Apple and Google are fighting regulators to keep their app store monopolies, Software King of the World Microsoft is doing the opposite.

Microsoft boss says Trump’s Tik Tok deal was bizarre
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Strangest thing I have ever worked on

Software King of the World Satya Nadella said being roped into buying TikTok by president Donald Trump was the strangest thing he has ever done.