Qualcomm officially announces Snapdragon X Elite and Plus
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20 systems, big OEMs, and available June 18

Snapdragon X Elite based on Oryon cores and Nuvia acquisition has finally reached its pinnacle moment. Qualcomm announced its Snapdragon X platform as a heart of a Copilot+ PC, OEM designs and availability a day before Microsoft Build. To sum it up, there will be seven major OEMs, with twenty systems in the first wave, available for preorder today, and shipping June 18.

Microsoft changes strategy on Call of Duty
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Operation Reckless Vole

Software King of the World, Microsoft is planning a major shakeup of its videogame sales strategy by releasing the coming instalment of Call of Duty to its subscription service instead of the longtime, lucrative approach of only selling it a la carte.

AI threatens Microsoft’s green plans
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Carbon footprint increased by 30 per cent

Microsoft's ambitious goal to be carbon-negative by 2030 is threatened by its expanding AI operations, which have increased its carbon footprint by 30 per cent since 2020.

Microsoft loses Cortana case
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Must pay €224.07 million to IPA Technologies

A jury in Delaware just decided that the software king of the world, Microsoft, must fork over €224.07 million to IPA Technologies over some beef over patents with its Cortana virtual assistant.

Microsoft building a mobile app store
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Xbox related

Software king of the world, Microsoft, is planning to open a mobile app store to give Apple and Google a run for their money.

Microsoft makes changes to task manager
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RAM gets a rethink

Software King of the World Microsoft is shaking things up in the Task Manager world.

Microsoft is close to setting up its own commercial AI
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Vole wants to be free of Google and OpenAI

Software King of the World Microsoft, stirring up the AI pot with a whopping investment of more than €9.29 into OpenAI, is cooking up its own secret sauce: a spanking new AI model that's beefy enough to throw down the gauntlet to big dogs like Google, Anthropic, and even OpenAI.

EU snuffles but might ignore Vole’s EU deal
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It's not an acquisition

EU watchdogs might be prepared to let the software King of the World, Microsoft, get away with its €12.15 billion investment in OpenAI.

Microsoft and Quantinuum's quantum leap
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The cat in the PC case is both dead and alive

Microsoft and Quantinuum have won significantly in the battle against quantum error correction. Using Quantinuum's ion-trap hardware and Microsoft's fresh-off-the-press qubit visualisation system, the team ran a whopping 14,000 experiments without the cat upsetting anything.

Microsoft warns about AI election trolls
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Fakes deep and shallow will hijack votes

Top Vole Clint Watts of Microsoft's Threat Analysis Center has issued a stark warning: Trolls are harnessing the power of AI to manipulate votes, posing a significant threat to democratic processes.