E3 2023 gets officially canceled
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And it is not an April's Fools

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has announced that E3 2023 has been officially canceled.

Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox will be skipping E3 2023 show
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Weight will be on publishers' shoulders

According to the latest reports, all three big console makers, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, will not be attending the E3 2023 conference.

Microsoft about to fire 10,000 employees
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Decimation possible 

Software King of the World Microsoft is rumoured to lay off 10,000 staff today. 

Microsoft bans 7 million Xbox accounts
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Breaching community guidelines

Software King of the World Microsoft has banned more than seven million Xbox accounts for breaching its community guidelines.

Microsoft loses $200 on each Xbox
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Makes it up on accessories and games 

Software King of the World Microsoft loses up to $200 on each Xbox console it sells.

Meta is just a poorly built video game
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Microsoft's Xbox boss dismisses the hype

Microsoft exec Phil Spencer (pictured) has said that Facebook's Metaverse was just a poorly constructed video game and too dull for him to be bothered with.

UK government watchdog asks public what it thinks of Activision Blizzard deal
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Because asking the British public works so well

The UK government is asking the public's opinion on Xbox's acquisition of Activision Blizzard despite its recent poor track record on making the right choice.

Microsoft Xbox team rumoured to be pressing into Japan
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Island hopping

Software King of the World Microsoft wants to grow its Xbox fanbase in Japan.

You will not hear Xbox Series X and S owners breathing
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Sounds of Silence 

Xbox Series X and S owners are getting an update today that has noise suppression during party chats to remove annoying clicks, background music, and breathing.

Microsoft incorporates Dischord chat for Xbox
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Saves $10 billion trying to buy the platform

After failing to acquire the popular chat platform Discord for $10 billion, Microsoft has opted to try integrating Discord's voice-chat capabilities into Xbox consoles.