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Microsoft wastes time targeting Apple fanboys

by on10 August 2010

Builds a new website
Software giant Microsoft's obsession with the competition has been taken to new heights as it unveiled a website designed to deflect Apple fanboys away from buying Macs.

Given the mental stability of Apple fanboys we would not have thought that shock treatment and Lithium would stop them wasting their mother's hard earned money on an Apple shiny toy. However it seems that Redmond believes that setting up a web site showing the pros and cons of buying Apple gear will sort the whole problem out. According to the site, PCs have Blu-ray, more software choices, and a greater array of hardware options when compared with Apple's Mac platform.

It features six different sections extolling the virtues of Windows-based machines. One section of the site, entitled "Having Fun," tells potential switchers that Macs might "spoil" their fun. These include the fact that you cant get a Mac that ships with a Blu-ray player, TV tuner, Memory Stick reader, or built-in 3G wireless. Each section contains leading sentences such as "Macs can take time to learn," "Macs don't work as well at work or school," and "Macs don't let you choose."
"PCs give you a lot more choice and capabilities for your money...  You can get the PC you want, in the size and color you want, with the features you want. You just don't have as many options with a Mac." (Also, Macs oppose Roe v. Wade. sub.ed.)

It is all fainting amusing but it is based on a false premise. The idea is that Mac users are just badly educated and will see sense if they see the benefits of PC lined up against the Mac. However what it fails to see is that Apple mac users are not badly educated at all. They know that Apple does not provide these things they want they just buy them anyway. To make matters worse, they will pay over the odds for the privilege. You can't defeat that sort of stupidity with advertising.

It also breaks one of the rules of marketing. Never mention the opposition. It gives them free advertising.

Also, Macs oppose Roe vs. Wade. Sub.ed.)

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