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Point of View/TGT GTX 680 Ultra Charged tested

by on22 May 2012


Point of View / TGT launched its first overclocked GTX 680 and called it Ultra Charged (model TGT-680-A1-2-UC). The card brings several improvements compared to the reference GTX 680. We’ll start with what may be the most important detail for most users – special triple-fan cooling. In idle mode, the cooler is almost inaudible and it remains quiet under load as well. The only downside would be the fact that it takes up three slots, but the silence is worth it. Most overclocked GTX 680 cards get loud when the GPU is working hard, but not GTX 680 Ultra Charged.

Another important thing that the Ultra Charged’s GPU runs at 1110MHz. Only a few GTX 680 cards boast GPU clock of over 1100MHz. In order to supply the card with enough power, TGT threw in a 6-pin and an 8-pin connectors and added another phase for the GPU.

GPU comes overclocked but the memory runs at reference clocks. Although the memory isn’t difficult to overclock, we’d still rather see TGT do it, because the card would outpace almost all the GTX 680s around.

GTX 680 Ultra Charged is currently listed some €90 higher than reference cards go for, here. This may be considered a bit steep and we believe that a price tag some €60 over the reference card sounds much more reasonable. If you’re looking for silent cooling, then this card is made for you. If you want an overclocked GTX 680, then again the answer is Ultra Charged. Furthermore, TGT made a sweet selection of chips, where only low leakage GPUs ended up on the Ultra Charged, where higher GPU boost clocks are a direct result.

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