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Point of View / TGT GTX 560 2GB Beast reviewed

by on28 October 2011



Point of View / TGT once again squeezed out the maximum from Nvidia’s chip. The GTX 560 2048MB Beast runs at 920MHz for the GPU (reference clock is 810MHz) and double the memory, which was overclocked to 1056MHz (reference clock is 1002MHz). The factory overclock provided enough juice for comfortable gaming at 1920x1080.

Although the GTX 560 2048MB Beast packs 2048MB of memory, it will not visibly affect the performance in most cases. While enthusiasts may use the increased memory for downsampling, gamers will see performance improvements in only few games.

The card’s dual slot cooler is efficient but unfortunately loud when the GPU is under load. However, the cooling performance is good enough for additional overclocking. In fact, we managed to do some stable gaming with the GPU at 960MHz. As far as overclocking goes, although the card has double the memory of the reference card, it didn’t stop us from overclocking it to 5000MHz (reference clock is 4008MHz effectively).

GTX 560 prices haven’t changed much since the launch, so the GTX 560 still costs €150. The GTX 560 Ti’s price fluctuated somewhat more and it now stands at €190.

The GTX 560 2048MB Beast will set you back more than €200, which is definitely a turn off for many. However, the card does boast double the memory and higher clocks, although we would have liked to see a quieter cooler as well. Truth be told, the card’s speed indeed is indeed very high, which is the epithet we could use for the pricing as well.



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Last modified on 28 October 2011
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