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MIT boffins speed up wi-fi in crowded areas
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Networking for mobs

Boffins at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory say they might have solved the problem wi-fi has broadcasting to crowded areas such as concerts, airports, conference halls and sports stadiums.

iOS 9 wi-fi default empties your bank account
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Apple's networking genius strikes again

Apple fanboys who install iOS 9 might be blessed with a feature that will give you a phone bill shock enabled by default.

How I executed the networking white box market
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by Cisco's John Chambers 

Cisco's soon to retire CEO John Chambers has been taking stock in his years at the helm of the networking giant, and is claiming a killing off the white box market under his rule.

Cisco finally picks new boss
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Took them 16 months

After 16 months, Cisco has finally picked the person to replace CEO John Chambers.

Cisco puts networking on the rack
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Heading for 40 shades of Grey box  

Cisco has released a long-distance interconnect designed to simplify workload mobility between data centres.

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CES 2012: 2Gbits per second


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We do not want any “arab springs” here


Sense of perspective being lost

Too much collaboration going on