Ireland fines Meta €265 million
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User data made public

Ireland's Data Protection watchdog the DPC has fined Meta €265 million for failing to safeguard the personal data of more than half a billion users of its Facebook service.

Metaverse given the thumbs down
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While Meta is all excited about its Metaverse, the concept is being greeted with a loud sounding yawn by punters who are failing to get excited about a new way of handing over their personal data to Facebook.

Meta is just a poorly built video game
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Microsoft's Xbox boss dismisses the hype

Microsoft exec Phil Spencer (pictured) has said that Facebook's Metaverse was just a poorly constructed video game and too dull for him to be bothered with.

Facebook warns of dodgy applications
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Available through Apple and Android  

More than a million Facebook users might have given their usernames and passwords to harmful apps designed to help scammers take over their accounts.

Telcos call for more money from Big Tech
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Users should pay

Europes big telcos including BT, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom want users to pay for the costs of data fuelled by the global streaming and internet boom.

Facebook and Google did not have a secret deal
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A US federal judge rules

A federal judge in the US has cleared Facebook and Google of collusion in relation to an online marketing deal between the two companies.  However, Judge P. Kevin Castel allowed the ongoing antitrust case against Google to continue.

Meta in trouble over campaign adverts
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Found guilty of campaign finance transparency laws

Facebook has been found guilty in Washington of breaking the state's strict campaign finance transparency laws. 

Facebook and Twitter about to kill themselves off
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Apparently, they are thinking of charging for them 

Executives at Facebook and Instagram are seriously considering killing off their companies by setting up some "premium features" which users will be expected to pay for.

Facebook Gaming meta accident
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Closed down without any reason

Facebook's video game livestreaming app, Facebook Gaming, is being shut down after just two years and will no longer work after 28 October.

Facebook settles Cambridge Analytica scandal
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No-one will have to testify, nothing to see here move on please 

Social notworking site Facebook has settled the consumer lawsuits brought as a result of Cambridge Analytica's unauthorised harvesting of user data.