Second generation of light IoT networks powers up
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LiFi-integrated lighting and networking

First of a new, wider range of LiFi-enabled lights hits the market that its makers claim is faster, simpler and more efficient.

Google Schafts disaster robot unit
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Human Robots not working for Google

Google’s Schaft, which develops bipedal robots to helping in disaster efforts, is being shut down.

Amazon plans to release eight IoT devices
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Alexa powered

Online bookseller Amazon is planning to release at least eight  new voice controlled hardware devices before the end of the year.

Qualcomm’s president speaks of future after NXP
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From 500 to 9K customers organically in IoT

The NXP saga has finally ended after 21 months of trying. Qualcomm paid the Dutch company $2 billion in damages due to its inability to get approval by China's regulatory agency, saying it happened because of matters beyond its control. This was the first time that the President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon took a stage and informed business analysts about life after NXP in IoT.

New Snapdragon wear coming
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September 10

The chap known as Mr Mobile has shared with the world that Qualcomm might be showing off a new watch platform on September 10 and most likely this will be brand-new Snapdragon wear that hasn’t been upgraded since 2016.

Makibes G03 Plus GPS smartband
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Good tracking for €38.57

Makibes is not a big established brand in the bushel of smart fitness trackers but the company managed to make an affordable, connected, GPS smart band and price it for under 40 Euro / $44 USD.

Silicon wafer demand propped up by the IoT and clever cars
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But there are shortfalls

The Internet of Things and the move to more intelligent cars is creating a shortfall in the supply of silicon wafers and other raw materials, which will likely persist through 2025.

Paul Jacobs launches XCOM
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Ex-Chairman still wants Qualcomm

Last week there was a disturbance in the force. Former CEO and recent chairman of Qualcomm, Paul E. Jacobs, decided to start a new company and call it XCOM. There is little surprise that his new company is focusing on the 5G wireless technologies that will propel the next mobile revolution.

Qualcomm backs Microsoft’s IoT plans
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Working together on developer kit

Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft have announced that they are working together to help customers and developers quickly create IoT solutions like home monitoring cameras, enterprise security cameras and smart home devices that use on-device vision artificial intelligence (AI) in retail, manufacturing and logistics applications.

Qualcomm generated $5.3 billion revenue in Q2 18
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To improve performance in fiscal 2019

Qualcomm has released its financial results for the second quarter of  2018 and the company generated $5.3 billion, a five percent year over year positive change.