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Qualcomm backs Microsoft’s IoT plans

by on09 May 2018

Working together on developer kit

Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft have announced that they are working together to help customers and developers quickly create IoT solutions like home monitoring cameras, enterprise security cameras and smart home devices that use on-device vision artificial intelligence (AI) in retail, manufacturing and logistics applications.

Central to the cunning plan is a Vision AI developer kit. The kit combines the hardware and software required to deliver intelligence at the edge along with the integration of Azure Machine Learning and Azure IoT Edge.

It uses the Qualcomm Visual Intelligence Platform and Azure Machine Learning to support advance AI capabilities right to the camera, all while being centrally managed from Azure. The developer kit runs Azure IoT Edge, which allows Azure Machine Learning Models to be deployed from Azure to the kit.

Azure IoT Edge supports local deployment and execution of custom code and other Azure Services, such as Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Cognitive Services, which can be downloaded from the Azure cloud platform to run locally on the edge.

Microsoft’s Azure ML can generate models from Azure cognitive services that run on the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform for on-device edge AI compute that is supported by Azure IoT Edge for efficient deployment and connected device management capabilities.

The Vision Intelligence Platform developer kit that includes both hardware and software, helps customers and developers innovate by unlocking the benefits of AI at the edge:

Azure IoT Edge along with Azure ML will provide services for managing edge devices and allow developers to build ML solutions with access to pretrained models and customisation of AI models

Qualcomm and Microsoft will be working in parallel to make sure the Snapdragon NPE interoperates with Azure services, so customers and developers can convert their models and deploy them to the Azure IoT Edge running on the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform.

The vision developer kit, based on the Vision Intelligence Platform powered by the Qualcomm AI Engine, is expected to be available later this year.

Last modified on 09 May 2018
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