Google Glass is back from the dead
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Failed project gets  new role

The failed Google Glass project has been dusted off in the form of an "Enterprise Edition" of its smart glasses hardware, which is now available to a network of Google partners.

Moscow scientists use Google Glass in brain disease research
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Tracking muscle movements using head-mounted display 

In Moscow, scientists are currently using Google Glass to research early-stage brain diseases based on how patients react in augmented reality situations.

Google Glass no longer best option for enterprise workplaces
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Other options superior for quality control, hazardous environments 

A report from independent research and advisory firm Lux Research Inc. has identified Google Glass coming up short in many usage cases, with smart glasses like Sony’s SmartEyeglass and Osterhout Design Group’s R-7 better suited for the needs of industrial workers, customer service reps and quality control agents.

Google Glass: Enterprise Edition shows up at FCC
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Google still not talking about it

While the original Google Glass will never make it to the market, the newely leaked pictures that are live on the FCC website show the earlier rumored Google Glass: Enterprise Edition in all its glory.

Google Glass Refuses To Die
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The silly project rebranded Aura.

Google is known for throwing a hundred things up in the air and just seeing which ones learn to fly. The company has over the years launched and killed off a number of software and web products. Google Glass definitely deserves to die, but it's been given an extended lease on life.

Google redesigns Glass
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06 February 2015

Google redesigns Glass

Wants to remove the 1970s serial killer look

Google has worked out that the reason that its Glass product was never going to work was because it they made you look like you were an axe murderer on their way to their part-time job as a stalker of women.

Unnamed processor, according to WSJ

You can’t run hardware like software

Juniper report expects annual shipments of 10m thru 2018

Very Continuum