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Google Glass Refuses To Die

by on17 September 2015

The silly project rebranded Aura.

Google is known for throwing a hundred things up in the air and just seeing which ones learn to fly. The company has over the years launched and killed off a number of software and web products. Google Glass definitely deserves to die, but it's been given an extended lease on life.

The ridiculous privacy invading and devoid-of-functionality product was indeed pulled from the virtual shelves on which it sat next to a $1,500 sign. But its creators have regrouped, enlarged the team of people working on it and are preparing to relaunch it.

Google Glass is now referred to as Project Aura. It's not entirely clear what is to become of it, but the scope of the Project Aura team seems to be much broader than simple reimagining of the Glass. Which is good, seeing as how Glass is hardly likely to woo anyone into thinking its useful without major rethinking.

We've commented a few times already that smartwatches are pretty useless tech. What they are basically is another, extremely limited, screen for the most basic functionality of your smartphone. Well, imagine how we feel about a contraption which sits on your face and scares the ***t out of privacy-conscious people enough that quite a few bars and other public spaces have forbidden its use.

(Google) Nest CEO, on the other hand, seems to see some potential in the device. He's overseeing its reintroduction, to happen at some point in the future, with the aid of some of the otiginal team, a few engineers from the Amazon hardware lab and one or two Applers. In spite of the undeniably huge names, we're somehow not super confident that great things are about to happen.

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