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Mediatek labs kickstarts IoT Programme with Startupbootcamp

by on18 September 2015

Exclusive: Startupbootcamp in Barcelona

Internet of Things has been a buzz word for the last two years and MediaTek labs and Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data has come up with a way to help new designers successful. 

Ever since we read a bit about the Startupbootcamp we wanted to get together with them and MediaTek labs to learn about the new cooperation and managed to interview two senior executives from both.

Director, MediaTek Labs Mimmis Cleeren the Director and Angel Garcia Managing Partner of Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data explained us that the Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry focused startup accelerators. One of them is Startupbootcamp Internet of Things & Data · Barcelona, of which MediaTek Labs has become a program partner/sponsor.

Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data is getting backing from companies like Google, Amazon, Paypal, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Mobile World Capital, Claro Partners, Cisco, Aqualogy, Lanta, Rousaud Costas Duran, Intel and Samsung. 

Angel explained us that Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data is focuses on the IoT and Smart Data. The company is a global start up accelerator with a focus on IoT and Smart Data.

Offices in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Singapore are focusing on different industry trends. The London office is a start up growth accelerator for financial market.

Startupbootcamp partners

There are 29 more days to apply for the Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data program. The grown accelerator aims to pick ten best teams that will compete for a title that can lead to funding and financing. Last year, some 300 applicants applied and 10 were selected to the next round.

The application close date is October 16.  The 20 companies who will make it to the final round will be selected between November 8 -10. The programme begins on the December 1.

Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data offers Coaching, workshops, masterclasses and one-to-one in depth sessions from some of the world’s leading start up and business coaches.  There is also mentorship from 100+ entrepreneurs, advisors, investors and partners including MediaTek Labs.

The programme offers €15K in cash per team, €450K+ in partner services and contacts with Angels and Ventura capital. They will try to teach the new companies about how to create a successful business model, access investors, mentors and help them to innovate and grow to a serious business.

This is a more serious version of Kickstarter as people at Startupbootcamp know the right people who are willing to invest the money in successful businesses.

After three months in the acceleration programme, the final demo will take place at the Mobile World Congress February 25. Ten out of 20 selected will make it to the finals.

Angel Garcia Co-founder and CEO of Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data

We work intensively during three months to help each one of the ten startups and we teach them [IoT companies] how to grow. We put them in contact with our mentors, partners and investors and we encourage them to talk to customers and validate their products. We have three months to teach them what we think it is important and to support them the best we know in three key phases: shaping, building and selling. At the end, they receive in 90 days what a regular company can get normally in more than a year.


This comes from the mounth of a bloke that use to be a Chief Financial Officer at Fracturs – a company that designs, develops, and manufactures antennas using fractal antenna technology. The company was founded in 1999 and has earned $100 million in royalties from top worldwide mobile phone manufacturers. This is something that Angel hopes to find with the latest accelerator program.

Mimmis Cleeren the Director, Corporate Marketing - Developer Programs at MediaTeK was very clear:

"“"MediaTek Labs believe that developers are a major source of innovation and early adopters of new technology. Our collaboration with the biggest start-up accelerator in Europe will help us reach out the new aspects of the developer ecosystem and allow MediaTek Labs to contribute to identifying and nurturing the rising stars of the IoT and data market. It is not just software, not just hardware, not just services; they (makers) need to put things together. MediaTek has a lot of expertise and experience in what it takes to take an idea to finished IoT product and we have the development platforms, resources and partners to help with that.”"

The company hopes to identify companies for newly founded MediaTek ventures. MediaTek ventures will look at all contenders with good ideas and opportunities and start ups who make it to the finals.

The company also hopes to identify possible candidates for investment by newly founded MediaTek Ventures. The MediaTek Labs team will through its participation in Startupbootcamp IoT & Data be able to help spot start-up companies who think big and want to change the world – start-ups with great ideas, solid business case and working prototypes, but in need of the right investment and resources to realize their ambitions. All to fund the next big thing.”

Both companies agree that it is difficult to be a pioneer. Corporations like Google, MediaTek, Cisco, Samsung or Intel are closer to the market and they can teach the young start-up companies about potential directions and market trends.

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