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Google Glass: Enterprise Edition shows up at FCC

by on30 December 2015

Google still not talking about it

While the original Google Glass will never make it to the market, the newely leaked pictures that are live on the FCC website show the earlier rumored Google Glass: Enterprise Edition in all its glory.

Earlier reports clearly suggested that Google has decided to move its Project Glass to enterprise market and that the Google Glass: Enterprise Edition will have improved hardware as well as the new looks. According to the leaked pictures at FCC website, spotted by site, the new device does not look much different from the original Explorer Edition, except from the foldable hinged design that was one of the biggest flaws on the Explorer Edition.

As far as the hardware goes, earlier reports suggested that the Google Glass: Enterprise Edition will feature an Intel Atom SoC, improved battery life and improved wireless connectivity, including 5GHz WiFi.

As far as the design goes, the new Google Glass: Enterprise Edition appears to have a larger prism and a higne that allow the device to be folded. The power button has also been moved and it has a front light that activates when the camera is used. Earlier reports also suggested that the device is now waterproof while the hardware is closed off and further protected from debris.

According to the report, the new Google Glass: Enterprise Edition will be only distributed via Glass for Work startups and partners will be able to load their own software on the device so it does not seem that this one will be even available to consumers in any sort of way.

While pictures might be live on the FCC website, Google has yet to announce the Google Glass: Enterprise Edition but the same report suggest that the device is already been in the hands of hundreds of people from Google for Work startups so we might hear about it soon.

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