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HTC wants Vive in cars

by on29 December 2015

Forunately no one is giving them to the drivers

HTC has been planning big things for its Vive virtual reality gear and word on the street is that it has plans to flog it to car makers.

In the past the company has worked with Audi and now its cunning plan is to  use its virtual reality (VR) device, the HTC Vive, to provide demonstration services for new cars in 2016.  If you stick VR in cars chances are people would get very very car sick so it looks like the Vive will only be used in car showrooms.

HTC partnered with Ford to showcase its car-use application platform at the Taipei International Auto Show, from December 26-January 3 2016.  In this case though we are not talking about VR but an an in-car infotainment system with a smartphone and supports both Android and iOS.

Ford is putting the system in its new cars in the first half of 2016, says Ford.

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