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Noon Home Smart Lighting reviewed

by on20 December 2017

Good home automation

In  late October, Noon Home launched its first product designed which it reckons will improve your "overall home lighting experience". The Noon Home Smart Lighting System integrates existing light fixtures and bulbs into a professional multi-layered "experience". I have worked with a number of different smart lighting systems during the last two years in hopes of finding the perfect fit for my own home.

The Noon Home Smart Lighting System is designed for people to enable smart lighting one room at a time. This will mean each area of your floorplan that you intend to enable smart lighting will be semi-independent of other potential smart lighting installations.  Each smart lighting system is powered by a "Room Director" switch, as well as up eleven to extension switches. The extension switches communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy technology back to the Room Director.

The Noon Home Smart Lighting Starter Kit costs $399.99, which includes a Room Director switch, two Extension Switches and three Noon Wall Plates.


Noon Smart Lighting Starter Pack

The Noon Room Director ($199.99 USD) switch and Extension Switch ($99.99 USD) are also sold separately.


Room Director


Extension Switch

I have testined the Noon Home Smart Lighting System for the last few weeks in my house, and it has been a delighl since opening the box.  Included  is everything that's typical for a standard installation, although you will need to have your own screwdriver.  I would recommend also having a multimeter in case you need help identifying your electrical wires. Like almost all modern smart lighting systems, the Noon Home light switches require a ground as well as a neutral wire. The switches will also work in a multi-way environment of up to four switches.


Unlike other smart lighting systems, Noon Home has tried to make installation as simple as possible. The design of each component has been taken into consideration. The wall plates have special clasps to hold the switches into place - not only for the final installation but also to assist while connecting the switches to your home's electrical wiring - as you can see below.

Base install .jpg

Another design consideration that so far is unique to the Noon Smart Lighting System is that the product’s physical switch profile is one of the narrowest I have encountered. Additionally, the unit comes in two parts - the “dock”, and the physical switch.  Inside the dock is a button to test your installation. This button will also will come in handy if for some reason, at some point, you have a problem with your switch.


Switch Profile

Although the Noon Home Smart Lighting System is straightforward to install, DIY users may find themselves with one problem or another.  Thankfully, Noon Home has a great support channel, consisting of a guided install video, frequently asked questions, and phone support. Lastly, if you get yourself into some sort of pickle, they have an installation network which wants to bail you out.  

Once your physical installation is completed, the rest of the setup is done through an Android or iOS enabled application. The guided install within the application is seamless and extremely straightforward. During the install, Noon Home will detect each fixture as well as the type of bulb installed using a patented bulb discovery technology. This technology reads electrical currents and uses advanced algorithms to identify the bulb type on each light switch. Currently, Noon Home is the only lighting system to automatically detect bulb types, creating compatibility with virtually any residential bulb: dimmable and non-dimmable bulbs, incandescent, LED, CFL and fluorescent, as well as ELV (electronic low voltage) and MLV (magnetic low voltage) fixtures.  This lets Noon Home minimize low-level popping, flickering and buzzing of the lights.

Once the install is completed, everyone of the room’s lights switches can be adjusted through the application. Noon Home will preconfigure some scenes for you once you finish the application's guided install. The automatically created unique scenes include:  Relax, Everyday and Bright. These scenes are preconfigured after the application analyzes information about each bulb, fixture and room type. You can immediately start using the Room Director with just one-touch to its glass touch-screen OLED display, or start building your own scenes. 

lighting control.jpg

Scene Editor

lighting control1.jpg

Switch Control Editor

Each Room Director can also support up to a total of six custom scenes which lets people create custom designs for their rooms, like “Cooking”, “Entertaining” or “Movie Time”. These scenes are also available immediately right at the switch or controlled via the Noon App from anywhere.

Some of the other smart features that Noon Home has built into the system include a night light, which turns on an ultra-low light when you walk by the Room Director, as well as a vacation mode, which “plays back” learned patterns to mimic your actual behaviors. If you own an Amazon Alexa, the system will also support voice activation commands.

My installation went extremely smoothly, although the Smart Lighting System did have problems detecting some of our light bulbs due to a grounding wire issue caused by the electrician who wired up the addition of the house.  If not for Noon Home, this problem may have gone completely unnoticed - but would have caused flickering of my dimmable lights.

The Noon Home Smart Lighting System is currently available at Best Buy, Home Depot and at One of the best decisions the company made with launching its product was to offer a reasonably priced professional installation option. As I mentioned earlier, although the Noon Home Smart Lighting System was designed for a great DIY experience, not everyone is comfortable working with high voltage wiring.  Partnering with IntsallerNet, trained professionals are available nationwide and installations start at $150 for up to three switches and $20 for each additional switch.

I was extremely excited when I saw the press release about the system, and have been very happy with the day to day operations of the Room Director as well as the Extension Switches. Unlike other smart lighting systems on the market today, Noon Home has done it right from the physical build quality of its hardware to issuing regular software updates for its software application. 

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