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Sony's PlayStation VR reviewed

by on24 January 2017


Cinematic mode

Sony’s PlayStation VR “Cinematic Mode” allows users to view small (117-inch), medium (163-inch) and large (225-inch) diagonal theatrical screens at a distance of 6 to 10 feet away (1.8 to 3 meters). This is a great experience for watching disc-based and streaming film content, and by holding down the Option button a user can reframe the position of the cinema display directly in front of their viewing position. Users can watch Blu-rays and stream Netflix or Amazon video on the “large” setting while sitting at a 75-degree angle in a reclining chair, or even while lying down on the couch. The feature supports binaural audio, or 3D positional audio, that enables the effect of onscreen noises coming from multiple directions – ahead, behind, left, right, above and below. The effect only works with a pair of wired headphones, and it is recommended to use a noise-cancelling option for the best experience.

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