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Gainward GTX 1080 Phoenix GLH reviewed

by on24 June 2016



The GTX 1080 is Nvidia’s new flagship graphics card, and it is already established as one of the the best gaming graphics cards ever. Even at reference speeds, the GTX 1080 manages to be faster in games than GTX Titan X. Gainward GTX 1080 Phoenix Goes Like Hell comes with a nice 140MHz GPU overclock which translates to about 34 per cent performance increase over GTX Titan X.

The GTX 1080 Phoenix Goes Like Hell card is unfortunately unavailable, however it is listed for €750 which is only slightly above the price which is asked for the GTX 1080 Founders Edition.

Gainward went with a new cooler design which was good. The Phoenix cooler keeps the card quiet even during long gaming sessions. The card is factory overclocked but this does not mean the fun stops there. We raised the GPU clock by additional 120MHz and the fans were still quiet.

Gainward GTX 1080 Phoenix Goes Like Hell is faster than GTX Titan X but is considerably cheaper. Until recently is was impossible to play games smoothly at 4K resolution, but with the last generation of the high end cards, including GTX 1080 Phoenix card we can. 

The GTX 1080 Phoenix Goes Like Hell is the right card to experience a whole new class of the performance enhanced gaming environment. The user can freely experiment with all the new Nvidia features, and we believe it has enough under the hood to drive whatever comes next.

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Last modified on 24 June 2016
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