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HTC Vive headset previewed

by on12 November 2015


Preview: Virtual reality at its best 

We had the chance to test HTC`s virtual reality (VR) device, the HTC Vive headset back in Vienna.  


HTC Vive – Headset, powered by Steam VR

The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed in cooperation with the global gaming leader Valve and combines Valve`s VR tracking and input technologies with HTC`s design and engineering, setting a new global standard for the industry. The HTC Vive is the first of its kind offering a fully immersive 360 degree experience, plunging people into other worlds at a moment`s notice.

It allows you to get up and move around in a room so you can explore your virtual space, inspect objects from every angle and truly interact with your surroundings. Because of this possibility to move in real space you don`t get VRMS (videogame-related Motion Sickness). Before we go further here are some specifications we got from HTC.



- 1,200 by 1,080 pixel screen resolution in front of each eye
- 9:5 aspect ratio
- 90 frames per second refresh rates

Tracking and Room Scale

- Gyrosensor, accelerometer and laser position sensor track rotation of head on both axes to an accuracy of 1/10th of a degree
- Two Steam VR base stations track physical location (in spaces up to 15 feet by 15 feet or 4.5m x 4.5m).
- Scalable for use in a smaller space or even in your chair
- In-built Steam VR chaperone system to enable users navigate their room while in VR


- Full Room Scale 360 degree positional tracking


- X2 Ergonomic VR game controllers with haptic feedback

- Headphone jack

Gaming content partners

- Vertigo Games
- Bossa
- Barry - Fireproof
- Dovetail Games
- WEVR Labs
- Steel Wool Games
- Owlchemy
- Wemo Labs
- Cloudhead Games
- Drew Skillman
- Xunee

Other content partners

- Lionsgate
- Google
- The National Palace Museum in Taiwan


- Developer edition Spring 2015
- Consumer edition Holiday 2015


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