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Microsoft Lumia 535 put to the test, with Lumia Denim software

by on16 February 2015



The Lumia 535 is an oversized budget phone, with a 5-inch display, good Windows 8.1 OS, a decent amount of storage and a microSD slot. It’s not the cheapest Microsoft phone, as the Lumia 435 is rolling out at €69, while the Lumia 532 cost around €79.

As for the Lumia 535, the spec appears to justify the price and the phone looks and feels quite good for this particular segment. There are no advanced features, the resolution is quite low, and the main camera fails to impress.

We could live with these tradeoffs, but the screen input issues are another thing. They cannot be justified by the low price, or anything else for that matter. We cannot say for sure what caused the problems and whether or not we just got a quirky unit.

On paper, the Lumia 535 looks like a very good deal, and it would be – had we not run into a number of serious input issues that were not successfully addressed by the latest software update. If it weren’t for these problems, we would have no problem recommending the Lumia 535 as a good Windows alternative to low-end Android phones.

If you are interested, we suggest you try it out yourself in a shop before you make a decision.


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Last modified on 16 February 2015
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