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Microsoft Lumia 535 put to the test, with Lumia Denim software

by on16 February 2015



Camera quality varies, but needless to say 5-megapixels crammed into a very small sensor don’t provide top notch performance.

The camera can produce relatively good images provided there’s enough ambient light. The camera launch is relatively slow, and so is the autofocus.

In any case, bear in mind that this is a €119 phone with a 5-megapixel camera, which is what you’d get on a flagship back in 2010. Still, the photos can be quite good under the right conditions, but indoors or at night, you shouldn’t expect much.

The front camera is quite good for selfies and Skype. It also requires a lot of light, but it’s quite good for this price range.

camera 1 day 4

camera 1 day 7

camera 1 day 2

camera 1 day 6

camera 1 day 5

camera 1 day 3

As soon as the sun goes down, the camera is ready to go to sleep too.

camera 1 night 3

The LED only helps in static scenes at close range.

camera 1 night 4


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