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Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower reviewed

by on07 January 2012



Cooler Master invested a lot of time and effort into redesigning the Cosmos case, and Cosmos II Ultra Tower is proof that the effort paid off. Cosmos II is the largest computer case we’ve tested so far but it’s still beautiful despite the size.

Exterior design resembles the original Cosmos case, but the insides have been overhauled completely. Cosmos II has plenty of room and will take as much as three water cooling radiators or thirteen 3.5’’ drives. All motherboard types are supported and the same goes for CPU coolers up to 19cm, or graphics up to 38.5cm. Five included fans take care of cooling with a little help from the integrated fan controller.

We expected Cosmos II Ultra Tower to run perfectly. However, we received one of the first samples and Cooler Master made sure that deficiencies don’t end up in retail. Namely, we’re talking about loud sliding door mechanisms on front and top panels. As far as manufacturing and finishing touches go, Cooler Master did a grand job.

The case is great, there’s no doubt about it, but it does make you think whether it’s worth €349. If money isn’t an issue, then you shouldn’t think much as Cosmos II Ultra Tower will give you unprecedented control. In fact, we haven’t had such easy mounting procedures with any other case. 

Looking at value alone, Cooler Master may be asking a bit too much. There are some cases that are as much as €100 cheaper, and although they aren’t Cosmos II, they can at least compete in many things.

All in all, Cosmos II Ultra Tower is an almost perfect case with a saucy price tag. However, the price tag doesn’t say one crucial thing – this is not the case that you’ll look to get replaced soon, so the price should not discourage you from considering it.

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Last modified on 07 January 2012
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