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Cooler Master bringing new V8 3DVC cooler to CES 2024

by on05 January 2024

Vapor chamber and up to 300W of cooling power

Cooler Master has previewed its new V8 3DVC CPU cooler that will be showcased and announced at the CES 2024 show in Las Vegas. This behemoth is capable of providing up to 300W of cooling power and uses a 3D vapor chamber technology.

While Cooler Master is keeping all the juicy details for the CES 2024 unveil, it did say that it uses a redesigned vapor chamber technology for better heat distribution as well as composite heatpipe technology that should bring better heat transfer efficiency. It comes with two 120 Mobius fans for push and pull configuration.

cm ces2024 1

Cooler Master is also showing the new G11 AIO cooler, a 360mm cooler with a dual-pump and dual-chamber layout, and support for three 120mm Mobius fans.

cm ces2024 2

We'll have full details once CES 2024 kicks off on January 9th.


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