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Asus G74SX with 17.3" matte 3D display tested

by on03 July 2011


The masses may like playing casual games on their cellphones but real enthusiasts and gamers will definitely know how to appreciate the G74SX.  We’re talking about Asus’ latest gaming laptop that boasts 17.3’’ non-reflective display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Thanks to the display and Nvidia’s GTX 560M 3GB graphics card, gaming in 3D is possible as well.

As far as the design goes, the G74SX has some really nice looks, although it is a rather bukly beast. While we’re aware it is a matter of personal taste, we thought that its looks complement the purpose quite well.

The laptop has a large cooler with two fans and while cooling is good, the fans are pretty loud in idle mode. Furthermore, it doesn’t come with Optimus technology, which means that Nvidia’s discrete graphics core is running all the time. As you would expect, it takes a toll on battery life so the battery will provide a bit more than 2 hours for surfing.

Gaming performance is pretty good considering the display’s native resolution of 1920x1080. This is definitely the fastest laptop we’ve tested so far. In case you’re not keen on rushing purchase, it may be wise to wait a bit and see whether Asus straps the G74S with the GTX 570M or GTX 580M, which should definitely boost 3D gaming performance at 1920x1080.

The Asus G74SX configuration we tested is priced at about €1900, but it may end up cheaper depending on the configuration. You can find it listed here.



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Last modified on 03 July 2011
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