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Duke's Fully Loaded Package from EVGA previewed

by on30 June 2011

Preview: Come get some

Nukem game finally hit the shelves and EVGA decided to celebrate the arrival of this long awaited game with a special offer - Duke's Fully Loaded Package.




Duke Nukem Forever is not too demanding so a GTX 560 will let you turn on all effects and play at 2560x1600. Everything EVGA ships in the box carried Duke Nukem Forever branding. The graphics card is in gold color just like Duke’s gun, and EVGA addition made sure to overclock the card to 810MHz.



We used FRAPS and measured about 55fps at 2560x16000 with our EVGA GTX 560 Duke Nukem Edition card. Note that all effects were set at ultra.

Stay tuned as we’ll have the full review soon.

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