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Acer Aspire 5745DG reviewed

by on07 February 2011


Acer Aspire 5745DG is pretty quiet when idle – all you’ll hear is the airflow itself. Hard drive crackle is occasional and unobtrusive. Blu-ray drive can be a bit loud in the beginning but noise drops to an acceptable level during the course of a movie.

The fan gets louder in 3D but not to the level where we’d call it loud. The best indicator that the system is under load is the heat exiting via the air outlet.

The part around WASD keys is the hottest region on the upper part of the laptop – it can go up to 46°C. Left palm-rest will go up to 41°C whereas the right side is always much cooler.

The bottom part of the laptop remains cool regardless of intensity of work, except for the left-top part where temperatures can hit up to 52°C. As far as keeping it in your lap goes, heat won’t be a problem as the battery will raise the laptop. Unfortunately, the battery is pretty uncomfortable and we wouldn’t recommend keeping it in that position for long hours.

The highest temperature we measured from the large air outlet was 74°C. Note however that this was during FurMark and Prime tests, so normal operation and gaming temperatures won’t come close to this.

The following screenshots show that components are pretty cool in idle, but that temperatures rise under load.





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