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Fertility apps collecting too much information
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Might be selling it on 

Fertility apps on mobile phones might be collecting rather too much personal data sparking fears that creators are selling it.

Aussies ban Chinese surveillance cameras
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Thursday, 09 February 2023 12:36

Aussies ban Chinese surveillance cameras

We don't know which dingo they are reporting too

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles has ordered the removal of Chinese surveillance cameras from sensitive government and military locations.

Australia might get some actual data protection laws
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Companies might need to tell people when they are hacked 

After a huge embarrissing hack the Australian government is finally getting tougher on businesses who keep such hacks secret.

Australia proved that governments can stand up to Big Tech
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Sort of

When the Australian government stood up to Big Tech most expected it to cave in after Google threatened to leave the country, but it did not happen.

Aussies decide that AI can invent stuff
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Wednesday, 04 August 2021 11:54

Aussies decide that AI can invent stuff

Welcome to the era of the AI patent troll

An Australian Court has decided that artificial intelligence can patent inventions.

US should copy Australia - and force Google to pay for news
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Microsoft’s idea

Software King of the World Microsoft has said the USA should copy Australia's plan to force Google and Facebook to pay for links to news content.

Former Aussie PM hacked and brought down by Hope
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We can see why he was a former PM

Dumb-arsed Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had his phone number and passport details nicked by a hacker after posting a picture of his boarding pass on Instagram.

Aussies delivers IoT security kick
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Thursday, 03 September 2020 11:20

Aussies delivers IoT security kick

Status quo is not fair dinkum

The Australian government is coming the raw prawn on companies who release IoT devices with security vulnerabilities

Boeing to produce Aussie un-manned fighter
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Rolled out by the middle of the decade

Boeing has said that it will go into mass production of its unmanned, fighter-like jet developed in Australia likely happening by the middle of the decade.

Australia comes the raw prawn with Facebook
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Cambridge Analytica data breach could cost Facebook billions

Australia’s privacy watchdog is suing Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica data breach — which, back in 2018, became a global scandal that wiped billions off the tech giant’s share price, yet only led to Facebook being slapped around the chips with a wet bus ticket by US and UK watchdogs.