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Apple tries to save sales by bringing out new models

by on07 December 2023

More Macs and iPads expected

Fruity cargo cult Apple plans to rescue its falling sales figures by releasing several new models and upgrades for early next year.

Although the Tame Apple Press has denied it, Apple has been suffering from falling sales, due mostly to the fact that people can’t really afford its overpriced products when there are much better cheaper products out there which do the same thing.

Jobs’ Mob managers think that updating the iPad Air, iPad Pro and MacBook Air might be a good way of convincing users that it is still cool. Unfortunately, the leaking doesn’t really show much innovation. The new iPad Air will come in two sizes for the first time, and the Pro model will get OLED screens. Meanwhile, the MacBook Air will feature the overhyped M3 processor. All this is a bit of a yawn.

The Mac and iPad account for 15 per cent of Apple's revenue, and a decline has particularly hard hit them in consumer tech spending. A lack of new models has compounded the iPad slump. 2023 will be the first calendar year in the product's history when no new versions were released. There have been Mac releases in the past year, but that market faces a broader pullback for computers following a boom in pandemic spending.


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