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Want to improve Intel’s 14th generation’s lacklustre performance?

by on26 October 2023

There’s an app for that

Users were somewhat disappointed that Intel’s latest 14th gen chips were not a vast improvement over the 13th-gen in gaming performance, but a new Intel Application Optimization (APO) feature promises to fix that issue.

Intel’s new Application Optimization (APO) app runs in the background, improving game performance. It offers impressive boosts to frame rates in games that support it, like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus.

Intel Application Optimization essentially directs application resources in real-time through a scheduling policy that fine-tunes performance for games and potentially even other applications in the future.

It operates alongside Intel’s Thread Director, a technology designed to improve how apps and games are assigned to performance or efficiency cores depending on the performance needs. The result is some solid gains to performance in certain games, with one Reddit poster seeing a 200fps boost in Rainbow Six Siege at 1080p.

Intel VP Roger Chandler said that not all games benefit from APO. “As we test and verify games, we will add those that benefit the most, so gamers can get the best performance from their systems.”


Last modified on 26 October 2023
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