Intel teams up with Ubisoft for Star Wars Outlaws bundle
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Bundles it with 14th gen CPUs and laptops

Both Ubisoft and Intel have announced their team-up for the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws game, with Intel bundling it with its Core 14th Gen CPUs and laptops.

Want to improve Intel’s 14th generation’s lacklustre performance?
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There’s an app for that

Users were somewhat disappointed that Intel’s latest 14th gen chips were not a vast improvement over the 13th-gen in gaming performance, but a new Intel Application Optimization (APO) feature promises to fix that issue.

Intel officially launches Core 14th Gen desktop processors
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Core Raptor Lake Refresh comes as i9-14900K, i7-14700K, i5-14600K

Intel has now officially launched its Core Raptor Lake Refresh desktop processors which will be known as the Intel Core 14th Gen series. Launching at the same price points as the 13th gen counterparts, the Core 14th gen promises up to 23 percent better gaming performance compared to the competition, and up to 54 percent better performance in creator workflows.