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Loongson reveals Chinese chip progress

by on28 November 2022

CPU 3A6000 now in production

The Chinese chipmaker Loongson Technology recently released a performance briefing on its 4th-generation CPU 3A6000 which is now in production.

The Chinese IT news site said the first samples of the chip can meet the core requirements of AMDs Ryzen 5000 and Zen 3 architecture and will be available in the first half of 2023.

Loongsons said the LoongArch processor architecture is not compatible with x86, but mixed MIPS and RISC bits with custom instructions. This was first seen in the 3A5000 the company showed off last year.

In the tests the chipmaker used an ancient SPEC CPU 2006 benchmark which hasn’t been officially supported since 2019. According to the manufacturer, the new 3A6000 chip achieves a 68 per cent increase in single-core floating-point performance compared to its predecessor, the 3A5000.

Loongson does not own a factory itself, but the chip apparently uses a 12 nm process.

Loongson Technology chairman Hu Weiwu confirmed that Linux and applications are all ready for the 2022 Information Technology Independent Innovation Summit Summit in Nanjing. There was also a programme being drawn up for a Loongson 100 core. Although there are 16 cores and 64-core products expected before 2025 and so the 00 core chip could be here soon.


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