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Apple neuters Intel powered Macs

by on10 June 2021

You must use the glorious M1 or buy a proper computer.

Fruity cargo cult Apple has dismantled some of the features of macOS Monterey for those who are dumb enough not to drink its M1 cool aid.

On the macOS Monterey features page, fine print indicates that the following features require a Mac with the M1 chip, including any MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac model released since November 2020:

1. Portrait Mode blurred backgrounds in FaceTime videos

2. Live Text for copying and pasting, looking up, or translating text within photos

3. An interactive 3D globe of Earth in the Maps app

4. More detailed maps in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London in the Maps app

5. Text-to-speech in more languages, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish

6. On-device keyboard dictation that performs all processing completely offline

7. Unlimited keyboard dictation (previously limited to 60 seconds per instance)

All those features will no longer be available for those who spent a fortune on Intel-powered Macs. This means that if you want them you will have to buy an M1 powered Mac or quit the cargo cult for good.  On the plus side you can get those feature on most PCs without the branding and no long be beholding to the marketing traps of Apple.

Last modified on 10 June 2021
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